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Drouin Auto Care sell, fit and install a wide range of Tyres for all car makes and models, including truck tyres, 4WD and SUV tyres.

Drouin Auto Care supply all brands of tyres including Achilles, Nexen, Nitto, Accelera, Neuton, Pirelli, Goodride, Bridgestone, Kumho, Goodyear, Dunlop and more, as well as top quality wheels to suit, like Advanti, Enkei and others. Call Drouin Auto Care now or make a car service appointment online

Wheel Balancing in Drouin 

Best Tyre Care in Drouin

Regular inspection of your tyres is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle, and your family, safe on the roads. Taking good care of your tyres and making sure they are replaced when necessary is one of the most important maintenance tasks for your car. Healthy tyres are critical to the overall safety and performance of your vehicle, they are the only part of your car which is in constant contact with the road and they affect your ability to brake, corner and accelerate safely. A balding tyre can add up to 10 metres of extra stopping distance in wet conditions, and low tyre pressure can increase the amount of petrol you use by up to 3%. The cost of tyres makes them a major investment and good maintenance will extend their life and save you money.

At Drouin Auto Care we sell a wide range of tyres to suit vehicles of all shapes, sizes and uses. If you have any doubts about the safety of your tyres please don’t hesitate to come and see us for a bit of advice. We provide a free 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report with every full car service here at Drouin Auto Care which includes a check of all five tyres (including your spare) and we will certainly advise you of any issues we feel could be affecting your car or that could extend your existing tyre life.


Drouin Auto Care tyre service in Drouin Vic 3818 Drouin tyre service by Drouin Auto Care 

Tyre Fitting & Tyre Service Drouin

Our computerised wheel balancing machine will take care of the vibrations, further helping to reduce steering and suspension wear. Quite a large number of tyres have to be replaced due to use while under-inflated, causing premature wear and breakage.

At Drouin Auto Care, our mechanics will inspect if the tread on each tyre is at least 1.6mm deep across the central three quarters of the tread width going around the complete circumference of the tyre. Then we will make sure that your tyres are correctly fitted to each axle, if they are the same size, type and structure. We will also inspect if there are any serious cuts or bulges on the tyres. 

At Drouin tyre service by Drouin Auto Care, our mechanics provide: 

• tyre sales
• tyre fitting
• tyre repairs
• tyre balancing
• tyre vulcanisation
• wheel alignment, balancing and geometry
• all sizes of new high quality tyres from leading brands
• budget tyres also available

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